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Introducing BSG Furniture Division: Wholesale Distributor of Quality Furniture at liquidation prices that cannot be beat!!


  • A Legacy in Furniture: BSG's owner, Nate, developed a passion for furniture at a young age, working in his family's furniture store. With years of experience, Nate brings his love for furniture to BSG's newest venture.

  • Rekindling Relationships: BSG has revived the cherished connections established by Nate's family's furniture store, ensuring a commitment to exceptional customer service and trusted partnerships.  The sparking of old relationships has woken up a burning passion for this new adventure.

  • Excitement at its Peak: Among all of BSG's endeavors, the furniture division has ignited the owner's utmost enthusiasm, reflecting the dedication and care put into this venture.

  • Extensive Product Range: BSG Furniture Division offers a comprehensive selection of furniture, including bedroom sets, living room sets, dining room sets, bedding, and much more.  We get new inventory weekly and look forward to showing you what we are able to offer.

  • Wholesale Advantage: As a wholesale distributor, BSG Furniture Division caters to retailers, providing them with high-quality furniture at competitive prices, empowering businesses to thrive.  We will not conduct business with other wholesalers.  We believe the retail stores are the heart of America and they should have direct access to distributors without middle men.  Our mission is to cut out the middleman in every instance across the country!!

  • Retail Locations: Experience our furniture firsthand at our two retail locations in Scranton, PA, and Cape Coral, FL, where our friendly staff awaits to assist you in finding the perfect pieces.

  • Contact Us: For more information about our furniture division or any inquiries, please reach out to us at 570-499-4909 or via email at

Wooden Furnitures
Bedroom Interior

Bullet Points:

  • Legacy in Furniture: Owner Nate's childhood experience in his family's furniture store laid the foundation for BSG Furniture Division's expertise.

  • Exceptional Customer Service: BSG's commitment to building lasting relationships ensures a personalized and satisfying experience for every customer.

  • Owner's Passion: Nate's love for furniture drives the enthusiasm and dedication behind the furniture division, setting it apart from the rest.

  • Vast Selection: Explore our wide range of furniture options, including bedroom sets, living room sets, dining room sets, bedding, and much more.

  • Wholesale Advantage: As a wholesale distributor, BSG Furniture Division offers competitive prices and supports retailers in their business success.

  • Retail Locations: Visit our Scranton, PA, and Cape Coral, FL, stores to see and feel the quality of our furniture firsthand.

  • Expert Assistance: Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is ready to guide you in choosing the perfect furniture pieces to suit your needs.

  • Contact us: For additional information or inquiries, contact us at 570-499-4909 or via email at

We aim to make your furniture shopping experience exceptional, with quality products, dedicated service, and a passion that sets us apart. Discover the BSG Furniture Division difference today!

Our Signature Aesthetic

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